Functional Programming Makes You Look Smart

Reason #4 to Learn Functional Programming

When I moved back to New Orleans in 2012, I told someone that I was working in Haskell. He literally dropped down and did this:

We're not worthy!

It was half joking and totally unjustified. But only half joking.

You don't have to be a genius to learn functional programming, though that is the stereotype. It's unfortunate. Functional programming is very accessible. But, of course, you can keep that a secret if you want to impress people 😉

Joking aside, knowing how to program in a different paradigm will help you fill niches others can't. You'll solve problems that were made for FP and it will look like magic.

You should learn functional programming. I'll give you many reasons, but this is just one. Reason #4 is that functional programming will make you look smart.

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Eric Normand

Eric Normand

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