You want to learn Clojure but it seems so daunting. Who has the time to read and read and then start yet another half-finished project? Did you really learn something from that? There's only so much time, and the time is usually broken into little chunks.

That's where Clojure in One Hour comes in. Clojure in One Hour is a series of short projects that you can do in one hour. No theory, just hands-on projects to get something done and build upon laster. These are pretty raw--you see me struggling, searching for documentation, making mistakes. But those are great things to learn!

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Clojure in One Hour


Video time: 03h16m

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Clojure Twitter Bot
  • 30 min

Have you ever wanted to make a Twitter bot? In this Clojure in One Hour lesson, I make a very simple Twitter bot in about 30 minutes. It's ready for lots of tweets to broadcast to the world!

Installing Atom as a Clojure IDE
  • 25 min

In this lesson, I install Atom and set it up as a Clojure IDE with integrated REPL. It's just the first steps, but in 30 minutes following some recommendations and stumbling through a new interface, I manage to get it working and running stuff at the REPL.

Luminus in One Hour
  • 1 hr

Do you have an hour to build a simple web app? Luminus, the Clojure web framework, makes it possible by taking care of the heavy lifting. In this lesson, I try my hand at writing a personal book catalogue in Luminus.

Re-frame in One Hour
  • 39 min

In 39 minutes, I develop a tic-tac-toe game in the browser using re-frame.

Mobile App in One Hour
  • 47 min

Learn to use re-natal to create a run tracker app that runs on iOS.