Protocols are a very cool and very important feature in Clojure. They are a great way to build polymorphism into your software, including extending existing Java classes without modifying them.

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Clojure Protocols


Video time: 01h13m

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What Problems do Clojure Protocols Solve?
  • 8 min
  • free

This lesson explains what problem protocols are meant to solve using visual aids. This video lesson is 8 minutes long.

How to define protocols
  • 11 min

This lesson deals mainly with the mechanics of protocols. How does one define a protocol, extend it, and finally use it. The video is 11 minutes long and the exercises should take 20 minutes.

Protocols for Easy Type Conversion
  • 15 min

This lesson teaches powerful pattern for converting types that uses protocols. The lesson is 14 minutes long and the exercise will take 20 minutes.

Defining a DSL with Protocols
  • 21 min

This lesson teaches how to define a DSL using literal data structures and protocols. It includes a video lesson with screen capture, code in a git repo, and exercises. The video will take 20 minutes to watch, and the exercises will take 20-40 minutes to do.

Building a Component Clone
  • 19 min

This lesson teaches a pattern for using protocols called Interchangeable Parts. The lesson includes a video screen capture and code. The video lesson will take 20 minutes to watch.