Are you wondering how to test your code in Clojure?

Are you worried that your tests won't work with your tools?

Have you struggled getting the testing flow you're used to in other languages?

There's a lot to learn about testing in Clojure. It's not hard, it's just . . .undocumented. Instead of spending weeks or months searching blog posts and learning by trial and error, and still not feeling confident, isn't there a way to learn it correctly all at once? And couldn't there be a course for systematically training you to understand and apply the Clojure testing library to your code?

Introducing Intro to clojure.test

Intro to clojure.test is a course in Clojure testing fundamentals. It builds up all of the skills you need to start testing your code.

Animations to visually explain the core concepts.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your visual cortex can process a ton of information. These visuals help you understand ideas faster than you can in text, so much so that it feels obvious!

Annotated screencasts of real-world code.

Seeing code being written is great. It's rarely written in the same order it's finally read in. But often the context is missing. The annotationshelp focus you on reading and understanding the code the way anexpert sees it.

Exercises to practice and reinforce good habits.

Small, focused exercises are proven to make you better at a skill. Everything in the course is broken down into small, learnable units, each with exercises, so that you're able to master each bit before moving onto the next. This is known as deliberate practice and it's what differentiates experts from the rest.

All of the code in multiple formats.

All of the code is in a git repository with tags marked for each point in the course. There are git commands on each page of the course telling you how to check out exactly the code at the point you are reading. There are code previews that show the entire file right there in the page. And there are code snippets whenever there is code to type that you can copy and paste if you need to.

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Extra Resources

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  • Clojure.test Cheatsheet

    Want a handy reference for writing your tests? This cheatsheet contains everything you need to write tests, make assertions, and set up fixtures. It even shows the commands for runnings tests at the REPL.

Intro to clojure.test


Video time: 35m39s

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  • 2 min
  • free

We briefly discuss why we should learn clojure.test and become acquainted with our characters, Josie and Ignacio, who use a few namespaces to keep track of their fitness routines. We need to help them develop tests.

Testing Conventions
  • 6 min

Although clojure.test can be used in any namespace, some conventions are widely used by IDEs and other frameworks. We learn those conventions to help us work well with them.

Multiple Assertions
  • 2 min

Learn the multiple assertions pattern to test many things about the same code.

Error Assertions
  • 9 min

How do you assert that appropriate errors are thrown when they should?

Test Fixtures
  • 7 min

Text Fixtures help us set up and tear down the test environment in a standard way that either happen before and after each test or before and after all tests in a namespace.