If you already work at a large company, you may want to find ways to introduce Clojure to your work. This guide presents 5 steps for bringing Clojure into your job.

Introducing Clojure to the Enterprise


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5 Actionable strategies for using Clojure at your job.

Strategy 1: Get Clojure in your Codebase
  • 16 min
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4 places to get Clojure into your codebase, with several tactics for each.

Strategy 2: Overdelivery
  • 6 min
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2 ways to make sure Clojure is recognized at your company.

Strategy 3: Rhetoric
  • 5 min
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4 Tips for becoming a Clojure advocate at your company.

Strategy 4: Community Organizing
  • 9 min
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There is strength in numbers. Find the others and get organized.

Strategy 5: Media Campaigns
  • 9 min
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Your worst enemy is obscurity. Feed the channels of communication with Clojure and put it on everyone's radar.