Web development in Clojure is just like everything else: you build up complex behavior from simple parts. This course builds a TODO list app from scratch, explaining the important concepts, and deploying it to a cloud service. It includes:

  • The parts of Ring and how they work together.
  • Creating a good development workflow.
  • Routing.
  • Responding to different HTTP request methods.
  • Adapting to browser limitations.
  • Generating HTML.
  • Storing data in a database.
  • Deploying the server to Heroku.

This course does not cover:

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Robert Crim

Robert Crim

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Extra Resources

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  • Ring Spec to Hang on the Wall

    If you program the web in Clojure, you probably use Ring. Even if you don’t, your server is likely Ring compatible.

    Ring has a small SPEC. It’s centered around defining the keys one can expect in the request and response maps. And the exact names for keywords are easy to forget.

    I don’t want to forget. I use Ring often enough that I want a quick reference. A while ago, I printed out a quick summary of the keys for the request and response maps and hung it on the wall behind my monitor. I refer to it frequently.

    If you program the web in Clojure, you might appreciate this printout. If you’re learning, it could be an invaluable reference.

Web Development in Clojure


Video time: 01h04m

Let's get a server up and running in the cloud
  • 26 min

Have you ever wanted to build a web app in Clojure? Have you wondered how to get started? The first part of this course guides you through building a simple web app and deploying it to Heroku, a cloud host.

Making a complete app
  • 38 min

In this second part, we continue to build the app, rendering HTML, building customized middleware, and storing data in a database.