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Introduction to Clojure

Getting Our Feet Wet

1. Getting Our Feet Wet free

The purpose of the first part is to get you super comfortable with the basics of the language so that when you go deeper in Part 2, you'll have the skills necessary to learn them. Part 1 is 33 minutes long.

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Let’s get functional

2. Let’s get functional

The purpose of the second part is to begin working in a real project structure and get into functional programming. Part 2 is 38 minutes long.

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Deep dive into data

3. Deep dive into data

The third and final part of Intro to Clojure is all about data-driven programming. That's where you define a data structure that looks like the thing it means. In our case, we're making a data structure that looks like a recipe. Then there's a function that can interpret that recipe and bake it. Part 3 is 24 minutes long.

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