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Collapsible Panel

We create a collapsible panel component. You give it a title and a child and it will hide the child inside until you click the panel.

We use a number of techniques in this component, including component-local state, React refs, CSS animation, and Re-frame events and subscriptions.

Code is available: lispcast/building-re-frame-components

You can checkout the code in your local repo with this command:

$CMD git clone
$CMD cd building-re-frame-components          

Loading compiler
              (ns student.collapsible-panel
  (:require [reagent.core :as reagent]
            [re-frame.core :as rf]))

  (fn [_ _]

(defn ui []
   [:h1 "Edit this string in the code"]])

(defonce _init (rf/dispatch-sync [:initialize]))
(reagent/render [ui] (js/document.getElementById "student-container"))            
Loading compiler
                (ns teacher.collapsible-panel
  (:require [reagent.core :as reagent]
            [re-frame.core :as rf]))
  (fn [_ _]

  (fn [db [_ id]]
    (update-in db [:panels id] not)))

  (fn [db [_ id]]
    (get-in db [:panels id])))

(defn example-component []
  (let [s (reagent/atom 0)]
    (js/setInterval #(swap! s inc) 1000)
    (fn []
      [:div @s])))

(defn panel [id title & children]
  (let [s (reagent/atom {:open false})]
    (fn [id title & children]
      (let [open? @(rf/subscribe [:teacher/panel-state id])
            child-height (:child-height @s)]
         [:div {:on-click #(rf/dispatch [:teacher/toggle-panel id])
                :style {:background-color "#ddd"
                        :padding "0 1em"}}
          [:div {:style {:float "right"}}
           (if open? "-" "+")]
         [:div {:style  {:overflow "hidden"
                         :transition "max-height 0.8s"
                         :max-height (if open? child-height 0)}}
          [:div {:ref #(when %
                         (swap! s assoc :child-height (.-clientHeight %)))
                 :style {:background-color "#eee"
                         :padding "0 1em"}

(defn ui []
   [panel :ex-1 "Example component" [example-component]]])

(defonce _init (rf/dispatch-sync [:teacher/initialize]))
(reagent/render [ui] (js/document.getElementById "teacher-container"))              

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