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Getting Our Feet Wet

What you’ll learn (not in this order)

  • Installing Clojure
  • REPL basics
    • Launching a REPL
    • Getting documentation at the REPL
  • How to call a function
  • Keyword syntax
  • How to define functions
    • with one argument definition
    • with multiple argument definitions
  • Conditional expressions
    • cond
    • if
    • what values count as true and false
  • do expressions
  • dotimes expressions

By the end of Part 1, you will be writing code that looks like this.

(defn add-simple
     (add-simple ingredient 1))
  ([ingredient amount]
     (if (simple? ingredient)
       (dotimes [i amount]
         (grab ingredient)
         (println "This function only works on simple ingredients. You asked me to add" ingredient)


You will need Java JDK and Leiningen installed, as well as git. You can find Java Leiningen install guides for all the major platforms here.

Slides PDF

Code file: video1.clj

Code is available: lispcast/intro-clojure-1

You can checkout the code in your local repo with this command:

$CMD git clone
$CMD cd intro-clojure-1          

Introduction to Clojure

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Getting Our Feet Wet free 34 min
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Let's get functional

In this second part, you begin working in a real project structure and get into functional programming.