Password Box
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Password Box

Don't you hate password boxes that have all sorts of crazy password requirements but don't tell you what they are? Or they do tell you but they don't give you any feedback about which ones you've passed?

Imagine writing one of these in just 62 lines of ClojureScript. We write two custom validations: minimum length and a minimum entropy.

Code is available: lispcast/building-re-frame-components

You can checkout the code in your local repo with this command:

$CMD git clone
$CMD cd building-re-frame-components          

Loading compiler
              (ns student.password
  (:require [reagent.core :as reagent]
            [re-frame.core :as rf]))

 (fn [_ _]

(defn ui []
   [:input {:type :password :value "my-password"}]])

(defonce _init (rf/dispatch-sync [:initialize]))
(reagent/render [ui] (js/document.getElementById "student-container"))            
Loading compiler
                (ns teacher.password
  (:require [reagent.core :as reagent]
            [re-frame.core :as rf]))

 (fn [_ _]

(def password-validations
  [["At least 12 characters."
    (fn [s]
      (>= (count s) 12))]
   ["At least 50% unique characters."
     (fn [s]
       (-> s
           (/ (count s))
           (>= 0.5)))

(defn password-box [pw]
  (let [s (reagent/atom {:value pw})]
    (fn []
      (let [validations (for [[desc f] password-validations]
                          [desc (f (:value @s))])
            valid? (every? identity (map second validations))
            color (when (:dirty? @s) (if valid? "green" "red"))]
       [:label {:style {:color color}} "Password"]
      [:input {:type (if (:show? @s) :text :password)
               :style {:width "100%"
                       :border (str "1px solid " color)}
               :value (:value @s)
               :on-focus #(swap! s assoc :focus? true)
               :on-blur #(swap! s assoc :dirty? true)
               :on-change #(swap! s assoc
                                  (-> % .-target .-value))}]
       [:label [:input {:type :checkbox
                        :checked (:show? @s)
                        :on-change #(swap! s assoc
                                           (-> % .-target .-checked))}]
        " Show password?"]
       (for [[desc valid?] validations]
         (when (:focus? @s)
          {:style {:color (when (:dirty? @s) (if valid? "green" "red"))}}
          (when (:dirty? @s) (if valid? "✔ " "✘ ")) desc]))

(defn ui []
   [password-box ""]])

(defonce _init (rf/dispatch-sync [:teacher/initialize]))
(reagent/render [ui] (js/document.getElementById "teacher-container"))              

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