Past Newsletter Issues Newsletter 241: Paradigms, Data Science, Style

Issue 241 – September 04, 2017 Hi friends, Thanks for being there! I couldn’t do it without you. Please enjoy the issue. Rock on!Eric Normand <> PS Want to get this in your email? Subscribe! Programming Paradigms and the... Newsletter 239: Clojure SYNC tickets on sale

Issue 239 – August 21, 2017 Hi Clojurnators, A big thing is happening in New Orleans in 2018. And you can be a part of it. I just finished (minutes ago) putting up the site for Clojure SYNC. It’s a Clojure conference I’m organizing. And it’s... Newsletter 238: History, Abstraction, Play

Issue 238 – August 14, 2017 Hi Clojurians, I have a few things to get off my chest. The first one is that Building Re-frame Components is officially launching right now. The sale starts now. If you use the coupon, you’ll get 25% off the price of the course... Newsletter 237: Unicycles, Evolution, Chasm

Issue 237 – August 07, 2017 Hi Clojurers, Well, the secret I hinted at yesterday is out. I’m hosting a Clojure conference in New Orleans on February 15th and 16th, 2018. It’s called Clojure SYNC. Mark your calendars. I promise to keep you posted.... Newsletter 234: 50% off, Teams, War

Issue 234 – July 17, 2017 Hi Clojurers, It has been a long time since I had a sale. I mean a real sale with a big discount. It’s my birthday on Tuesday and I wanted to celebrate. Why not have a sale? The sale is 50% off any and all individual courses on... Newsletter 233: Parasites, Carpenters, Re-frame

Issue 233 – July 10, 2017 Hi Clojurers, Please enjoy the issue. Rock on!Eric Normand <> PS Want to get this in your email? Subscribe! New Building Re-frame Components lessons Very close to wrapping up now. I should mention that... Newsletter 232: AI, Jobs, Batman

Issue 232 – July 03, 2017 Hi Clojurers, I’ve been working on some changes on You may have already noticed the minor redesign of the Clojure courses pages. There’s better filtering for the courses. As the number of courses has...

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