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ClojureScript: Lisp's Revenge

There are multiple recordings

NDC 2013

The Functional Final Frontier

Hello Om Next!

There are multiple recordings

EuroClojure 2015

Introduction to ClojureScript

NYC Clojure Users Group

Clojure for Schemers

David Nolen on Transit

core.logic - Clojure

This video is a walkthrough of Clojure core.logic.

There is also a bootleg video of a talk from Strange Loop 2012.

The presentation starts with a short review of how to use core.logic before Nolen goes into the implementation details. core.logic is based on miniKanren, described in The Reasoned Schemer.

Ground Control to Major Tom

Cognicast Episode 93

Cognicast Episode 054

ITP Resident Researcher

An Introduction to Lisp Macros

The Mapping Dilemma

David Nolen draws on some of the giants of Computer Science in recent years. Alan Kay, Gregor Kiczales, Peter Norvig, and more. I love to see the products of great minds folded into Clojure and ready at my fingertips.