Robert C Martin (Uncle Bob)
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Robert Martin is an influential figure in the industry. He was one of the people who drafted the Agile Manifesto. He was instrumental in starting the software craftsmanship movement. And he blogs about and makes video courses on software design. I made this profile because he also promotes Clojure.


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Agility and Architecture

Principles of Craftsmanship

Specification Discipline

Clean Code III: Functions

Agile Architecture course

Clean Architecture and Design

2012 COHAA Presentation about Clean Architecture and Design is available to watch here.

Robert Martin

Master Craftsman

The Future of Programming

The Future of Software

The Oath of the Scribe

The Future of Agile (If Any)

Automated Acceptance Testing

Let's Learn a Little Clojure

Requiem for C

The Last Programming Language

"Uncle" Bob Martin