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Components: Just Enough Structure - Stuart Sierra

In this talk, you can learn about Clojure's Component library, which is a framework for managing stateful dependencies.

Also available: Components Just Enough Structure, Stuart Sierra on Components

Learning Clojure: Next Steps

Stuart Sierra brings you deeper into the Clojure mastery with concepts to learn once you've mastered the basics with this talk.

Clojure - Lisp For The Real World

Stuart Sierra explains the motivations and features of Clojure.

Hadoop + Clojure

Stuart Sierra talks about using Clojure with Hadoop.

Slides are available.

Asynchronous Events in Clojure

A very early talk by Stuart Sierra about responding to messages from the outside world.

Slides are available.

Functional Design Patterns

Stuart Sierra talks about some coding patterns that are common in functional programming.

Slides and notes are available.

Data, Visibility, and Abstraction

Stuart Sierra discusses system design guidelines.

Thinking in Data

How to write data-oriented programs.

Intro to Datomic

Stuart Sierra introduces Datomic. He touches on the data model, the architecture, and the query syntax.



Practical Clojure


The Joys and Perils of Interactive Development

Stuart Sierra talks about the difficulties of namespaces that change during development.