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If you’re looking into a career change, you probably worry that you will face difficulty trying to get your first job in Clojure, since the niche is small and you’ve got limited Functional Programming background. How can you get clear on exactly what the hurdles and requirements are on the way there?

Clojure isn’t particularly efficient to learn for several reasons. If you’re teaching yourself, it can be slow and difficult to get started. Worse yet, you can never be sure if you’re up to date and following the current best practices.

Do you see these hurdles in your way?

  • learning best practices
  • having the time and money to invest into Clojure training
  • choosing the right tools and design
  • keeping code maintainable as a beginner
  • and the whole project setup system

And on top of that, if you struggle with forging your own path, you would do better with some hand holding and guidance. It can be particularly difficult to set aside the time needed to hack your way into productivity with Clojure on your own. If you’re like most Clojure enthusiasts, your Clojure time has to wait until the evening. You want to be fluent in Clojure and employed as a Clojure programmer, using it as your primary language. But it’s a challenge to break through to the “next level” with your side projects and keep up with advances in the state of the art.

Maybe you’d like to be working in Clojure every day so you want to fully explain the advantages of Functional Programming to your coworkers. But you don’t personally know many people who work in Clojure and you don’t yet have a thorough comprehension of Functional Programming to convince anyone.

If you shift your career to Clojure, you will be moving from a familiar environment with some well known patterns and libraries for deploying and monitoring production code to a Clojure one where you don’t know all of the production-ready widgets you need. Wrapping your head around all the pieces necessary, including getting up to speed with both Clojure and ClojureScript, is a challenge.

“It did more than teach me Clojure: it helped me break free from the imperative mindset and empowered me to take a functional approach in all the languages I use. I’m writing clearer, more flexible, more robust code and having more fun at the same time. The challenges are brilliant for changing ‘I get this’ into ‘I can solve problems with this’, which is what it’s all about.”

Bill Gathen

What if you could learn Clojure and functional programming without being overwhelmed by material? Wouldn’t you like to have someone knowledgeable you can ask questions to who will answer you promptly? What if the lessons were made to fit in your busy schedule? And all that without spending countless hours on “side projects” that take up your entire life?


  • Confidence in the fundamentals of Clojure
  • Programming in a language you love!
  • Deep understanding of functional programming techniques
  • Familiarity with popular development tools
  • Up-to-date on the best practices
  • The thought processes for designing functional code
  • The skills you need for Professional Clojure!


PurelyFunctional.tv Online Mentoring

Step-by-step Guidance from Dabbler to Clojure Professional

“These videos are so good in so many ways. Audio/production quality is great, the curriculum is delivered in real English—not CS jargon, and takes you from zero to understanding the basics in a really thought-out way. They’re not videos you just watch, you’re actively coding along with Eric. I love that everything starts in the REPL, then progresses to working in files. If you’re new to Clojure, this is where I recommend you start.”

Jennifer Eliuk

Software Developer

I designed PurelyFunctional.tv Online Mentoring to smooth out the learning curve, get you programming as soon as possible, and fit into your busy schedule. The lessons cover a broad range of topics, from beginner skills to libraries to deploying production code. You get the skills to succeed with Clojure.

Here’s what you get

  • Small lessons (3-12 minutes) with screencasts, code, exercises, and more
  • Complete access to the entire backlog
  • Active discussion forum where you can learn from others
  • Questions answered—ask me anything, give me advice, suggest topics, and talk with other Clojurists of all levels

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First of all, I think you’re going to love the membership. If there’s material that you’d like to learn that I don’t have, just let me know and I’ll see about adding it or I’ll find it elsewhere. And if you still don’t love it, I’ll give you a full refund. Just let me know within 30 days of subscribing.

Please let me first thank you for the supreme content on Clojure and functional programming, that you provide! I am new to Clojure and functional programming and I did quite some research what learning materials are around. While there are some very good resources – the ones that you actually listed recently in a mail to you list – I found your resource and approach the most comprehensive.

Ivo Moravski