Web Development in Clojure

Web development in Clojure is just like everything else: you build up complex behavior from simple parts. This course builds a TODO list app from scratch, explaining the important concepts, and deploying it to a cloud service. It includes:

  • The parts of Ring and how they work together.
  • Creating a good development workflow.
  • Routing.
  • Responding to different HTTP request methods.
  • Adapting to browser limitations.
  • Generating HTML.
  • Storing data in a database.
  • Deploying the server to Heroku.

This course does not cover:

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Extra Resources

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Total time: 01h04m

1. Let’s get a server up and running in the cloud

Time: 26m23s

Have you ever wanted to build a web app in Clojure? Have you wondered how to get started? The first part of this course guides you through building a simple web app and deploying it to Heroku, a cloud host.

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2. Making a complete app

Time: 37m42s

In this second part, we continue to build the app, rendering HTML, building customized middleware, and storing data in a database.

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