Think you don't have time to learn Clojure?

Think again! You can transition your career to Clojure in 3 hours per week

You’re a programmer and you’re tired of your current language. You want to get into Functional Programming. But you have some concerns:

  • Are there enough jobs out there?
  • And if there are, how can you find them?
  • How can you learn Clojure with your busy schedule?
  • How do you make sure you’re learning the important stuff?
  • For that matter, what do you need to learn to be hirable?
  • Will your years of OOP experience hold you back?
  • Or how can you make them an asset?

If you sign up for my Clojure Career Guide email course, you’ll learn:

  • Where to find Clojure jobs. (Even remote jobs!)
  • How much you really need to know to be hirable in Clojure.
  • How to turn your current OOP knowledge into an advantage.
  • Resume-building projects you can build over the weekend.
  • And more. . .

If you’re serious about transitioning your career to functional programming, join this 10-part email course and get your first job in Clojure.

I’d read some of the core Clojure texts and I could see there was value in the language. However, I struggled to find the time to really get the language under my skin. Now I’ve made Clojure real for me.

Phil Huggins

It did more than teach me Clojure: it helped me break free from the imperative mindset and empowered me to take a functional approach in all the languages I use. I’m writing clearer, more flexible, more robust code and having more fun at the same time. The challenges are brilliant for changing ‘I get this’ into ‘I can solve problems with this’, which is what it’s all about.

Bill Gathen