Better techniques. Better software.

Our Mission

is to make the great ideas in programming accessible to everyone.

The Beginning

I’m Eric Normand, Chief Instigator and Fearless Leader. I created in 2013 out of frustration with the functional programming learning material available. It started with a Kickstarter campaign to create Introduction to Clojure, my first Clojure product. It grew from there into the mentoring program it is today. On the way, we’ve helped thousands of people learn Clojure and functional programming.

Eric Normand

Functional Programming has a storied past…

Functional programming has a long history that starts in 1958 with the introduction of LISP. Over the years, it has evolved. Functional programming is a fuzzy term, but to us it means tapping into that legacy of brilliant programming ideas that have gone mostly unused in the industry. Functional programming can be done in any language, but it’s easier is a functional language. Learning a functional language will give you techniques and perspectives you can apply anywhere.

…and a bright future


As computers become more powerful and the need to communicate between computers grows daily, functional programming becomes more relevant than ever. Functional programming has simple solutions to problems that plague other systems, including:

  • highly parallel computing
  • data science
  • fast product development
  • distributed systems
  • complex software requirements

These challenges are growing. They’re why functional programming is getting more popular.

We love our customers

We cater to professional programmers who want to transition to a functional paradigm. We have to teach a blend of practical (which library to choose) and big ideas (the power of recursion). And we relentlessly read and respond to hundreds of emails each month. We listen to you and teach what you need to learn.