PurelyFunctional.tv is the best place to learn Functional Programming. Our mission is to help people thrive with Functional Programming.

Eric Normand I’m Eric Normand, Chief Instigator and Fearless Leader. I created PurelyFunctional.tv in 2013 out of frustration with the Functional Programming learning material available. It started with a Kickstarter campaign to create Introduction to Clojure, my first Clojure product. It grew from there into the mentoring program it is today. On the way, we’ve helped thousands of people learn Clojure and functional programming.

Clear and powerful metaphors, examples, and explanations

We believe that anyone can learn Functional Programming. We believe that there are common examples of FP principles available in daily life. The value we bring is in creating good content that makes the connections between FP and real life clear. We publish the content to appropriate places where it can help others. We help people become better programmers by giving them a higher-resolution experience.

Personal relationships

We believe that value comes from engaging with people and forging relationships. We engage with potential customers and potential partners by supporting them and reaching out to them. We promote other people and their great work. We reach out to people we know and people we don’t know and thank them for their good work. We help people we know get to know each other as well.

Deep ideas in Computer Science

We believe that there is more to programming than just coding. The computer, as a medium, is changing how we live, and Computer Science has the potential to give us new perspectives on the world we live in. We explore the computer as a medium and the perspectives CS brings, sharing what we find along the way.

Customer focus

We believe we should focus on the customer and their needs. We believe that talking with them and understanding what they need will help us give it to them or find someone who can give it to them.