The Ultimate list of Functional Programming Conferences

Functional programming is growing like crazy. There are functional programming conferences all over the world, and new ones pop up all the time.

The list includes conferences about specific functional languages (Swift, Clojure, Haskell, etc.). It also includes general functional programming conferences that are not language-specific. In addition, it includes conferences where functional topics are often discussed, which now includes iOS (Swift!) and Frontend/JavaScript conferences (React, Compile-to-JS languages). If you see one of those, that's why it's on here.

You can filter the list by three factors: the location (continent), the quarter of the year it usually takes place in, and the language or technology. There's also a [NONE] value for the ones that don't have a value for that. For instance, general functional programming conferences don't have a specific language.

If you find a conference that is not on this list, let me know and I'll add it. Likewise if you find a mistake.

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18th Annual Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop 2017

The Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop is a yearly meeting of programming language practitioners who share a sense of aesthetic as embodied by the Algorithmic Language Scheme.


Scala conference on the sunny side of the Alps

Beyond Tellerand

An annual programming conference in DĂĽsseldorf

Beyond Tellerand

An annual Programming conference in Berlin

BOB Conference

A conference to discover the best tools available for software building.

Cascadia Fest

A three-day JavaScript and CSS conference in Washington

Chain React 2017

  • Twitter
  • North America
  • Q3
  • JavaScript

A two day, one-track React Native conference hosted in Portland, Oregon.

Clojure eXchange

A Clojure conference hosted by skills matter in London.

Clojure Remote

Clojure's all-remote conference.

Clojure SYNC

Clojure SYNC is about the connections between our skills, our work, and the history of technology.


The official Clojure conference that sets the tone for the Clojure community.


The West Coast Clojure conference.


A clojure conference in Berlin Germany

ClojureScript Days

Four half-day online conferences focused exclusively on ClojureScript.


Clojure conference in Finland.

Code Mesh

The "Alternative Programming Conference" that focuses on non-mainstream technologies.

Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP)

An annual conference co-located with ICFP focused on industry usage.

Compose Conference

A conference for functional programmers focusing in different programming languages.

Curry On!

A new and unusual conference focused on programming languages & emerging challenges in industry.

Dutch Clojure Days 2017

The Annual International Gathering of Clojure Enthusiasts and Practitioners in the Netherlands!

Elixir Conf EU

A community conference to promote education, networking and collaboration within the Elixir/Erlang/Ruby communities.

Elixir London

An Elixir conference in London




A community conference dedicated for networking and collaboration in the developer community.

Elm Conf

A conference focusing on Elm programming language.

Elm Europe

The first Elm conference in Europe


A two-day JavaScript conference in New York


An annual community-run conference

Erlang Factory Lite

An Erlang conference in Mexico.


The largest Clojure conference in Europe.

European Lisp Symposium

European Lisp Symposium aims to provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of all aspects of design, implementation and application of any of the Lisp and Lisp-inspired dialects.


F(by) is the only functional programming conference in Belarus.

F# eXchange 2017

The Only Conference in Europe Dedicated to F#


A conference about JavaScript, HTML and CSS in San Francisco.

Forward JS

A JavaScript conference in California

Forward Swift

Forward Swift is a San Francisco based event celebrating Apple's new language.

Front Porch

A conference for web developers

frontend conference zurich

Switzerland’s biggest frontend event since 2011

Frontend Guide to Life, the Universe, and Everything

A Programming conference in Italy

Full Stack Fest

A week-long full stack development conference in Barcelona.

Full Stack Toronto

A conference for web professionals

Functional Conf

Asia's Premier Functional Programming Conference

Functional Swift Conference

A conference focusing on functional programming in Swift.

Haskell eXchange

A Haskell conference hosted by skills matter in London.


India's first Clojure conference.

International Conference on Functional Programming

An annual conference about functional programming. Every year, there is an ICFP programming contest.

JavaScript Summit

A three-day JavaScript conference online.


  • Twitter
  • North America
  • Q1
  • JavaScript


JS Remote Conf

A JavaScript online conference.

JSConf Budapest

A JavaScript conference in Budapest


The labour-of-love conference for the JS community in Europe

JSConf Iceland

An international two-day JavaScript conference

JSConf Uruguay

A JavaScript conference in Uraguay

lambda days

A functional Programming conference in Poland

Lambda Jam

A functional programming conference devoted for hands-on practice or workshop.

Lambda World

Europe's premiere functional programming conference.


A meetup on functional programming, is a unique event in the Czech Republic due to its size and focus.


A friendly Philadelphia JavaScript Conference!

Lonestar ElixirConf 2017

Lonestar Elixir Conf is a conference for Elixir, OTP, Web and Embedded developers.

LX Scala

The first international Scala conference in Southwest Europe.


Mirror Conf is a conference, held in Braga - Portugal, that celebrates web design and development.


A Web/Mobile Development Conference in North Carolina


The NebraskaJS Conference


A hand-crafted after work conference for web enthusiasts loving technology, design and inspiration.

Node.js Interactive

Node.js Interactive North America, the marquee event for JavaScript developers, companies that rely on Node.js and the vendors that support both of these constituents with tools, training and other services.


Nordic.js is an international two-day JavaScript conference

Northeast Scala Symposium

A Scala community-based conference in Philadelphia.

React Amsterdam

A full day conference of all things react at Amsterdam

React.js Conf

A React.js conference in California


The first European React.js & Native 2-day conference in Paris, France.


A React conference based in Central Europe.


ReactNext is the largest #ReactJS conference in Israel


A React conference in Amsterdam


A community React conference in Utah


The first conference in the in Tallinn, Estonia


A two-day front-end conference in UK.

Rust Belt Rust 2017

A conference for people of any level of Rust experience.

RustConf 2017

RustConf will be a gathering of both Rust's established community and its newcomers.

RustFest ZĂĽrich 2017

RustFest is Europe’s Rust-dedicated conference.

Scala by the Bay

An annual conference of SF Scala.

Scala Days EU

A Scala conference in Berlin

Scala Days US

A Scala conference in New York

Scala Down Under

Scala Downunder is an underconference in New Zealand

Scala eXchange

Europe's largest annual Scala conference.

Scala IO

A Scala event in France

Scala UA

A Scala conference in Ukraine

Scala World

A Scala conference in United Kingdom


A Scala conference in Japan


The Israeli Scala Conference


A Scala conference in central Europea

Space City JS

A JavaScript conference in Houston Texas

Strange Loop

A conference about emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, and the web.

Swift Summit

A conference for Swift Developers

Web Directions Code

A two-day JavaScript conference in Australia

Web Rebels

A community driven conference in Norway


An enjoyable clojure conference in london

YOW! Sydney

A conference for cutting edge software engineering.