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The PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter has evolved over time. It used to be called The Clojure Gazette. The resources I link to are more about quality than novelty. It is a mix of news and important content from the past. I try to capture the timeless ideas of functional programming and give them relevance today.

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In the over four years of publication, I’ve gotten lots of praise. This is what people are saying. Remember it used to be called The Clojure Gazette.


“Even if you’re not interested in Clojure at all, the Clojure Gazette is an excellent read every week.”

Oliver Caldwell

“clojuregazette.com/ , a free, weekly email to inspire Clojure programmers :D”

Daniel Higginbotham

“If you’re a #Clojure programmer, you should subscribe to the (free) Clojure Gazette by @ericnormand.”

Steve Miner

“Your friendly reminder that if you aren’t reading clojure gazette, you are missing out… http://buff.ly/13U8RXH NOTE: not clojure specific!”

Sean Allen

“Thanks @drugpl for allowing me to wax poetic about #clojure. BTW, if you read RubyWeekly, you’ll love the Clojure Gazette.”

Norbert Wójtowicz

“clojuregazette.com is so simply great. Love it!”

Mathieu Gagnon

“Read it and weep (with joy)”

Alan Shaw

“Not a Clojure programmer? It doesn’t matter. The Clojure Gazette still is a great weekly read.”

Nick Balestra

“Lots of great content in the latest Clojure Gazette! Really glad I subscribed. Thanks @ericnormand for your work.”

Nicolas Hery

“If you’re into Clojure and you haven’t subscribed to @ericnormand’s Clojure Gazette, you should do so post haste.”

Frederik De Bleser

“In case you haven’t heard, this is an amazing newsletter.”

Arlandis Word

“@ericnormand’s Clojure Gazette has an absurdly high insights to words ratio.”

Simon Belak

Eric Normand

Eric Normand

Writer and Editor

The Newsletter is written and edited by Eric Normand. Eric Normand is a functional programming expert who writes at LispCast. He also teaches Clojure at PurelyFunctional.tv.

You can find him living with his wife and daughter in New Orleans.