Nikola Adamus

LambdaConf 2017 Interview

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Nikola Adamus LambdaConf 2017 Interview

Nikola Adamus will be giving a talk at LambdaConf 2017. She will be speaking about The Noobs and the Programmers.

Follow her on her Homepage, GitHub and Twitter. How did you get into Functional Programming?

Nikola Adamus: I just met someone who loves Haskell. I wasn't programming then, but I was interested in that, though I had some difficulties with grasping OOP concepts. My friend showed me how FP (Haskell to be precise) deals with similar things and I actually found FP solutions more understandable for me than anything else. I started reading about Haskell even though I wasn't planning to be a programmer back then. I'm still learning even if currently I'm focused on object-oriented languages. What is your talk about?

NA: My talk is about teaching other people and how to be a better teacher in terms of programming. I met a lot of programmers and asked them for help and not all of them were able to do that for some unknown reasons. We couldn't communicate. Since I have some experience with teaching, I started thinking what makes a good programming teacher. I will present in my talk common teaching mistakes and how to avoid them. Who is your talk for?

NA: For everyone! All of us can find ourselves in situations when we have to explain some difficult concepts or even help someone who wants to start learning programming. Of course we are not obliged to be teachers, but I think we cannot avoid situations requiring from us being a teacher. What do you hope people will take away from the talk?

NA: I hope that people will start reflecting on their own "teaching situations" and my talk provide them necessary tools to avoid mistakes in the future. What concepts do you recommend people be familiar with to maximize their experience with the talk?

NA: In terms of programming per se? Nothing, we are not going to write a code 😉 What resources are available for people who want to study up before the talk?

NA: No need to study! Just come and listen Where can people follow you online?

NA: Facebook and Twitter and Github, of course. Are there any projects you'd like people to be aware of? How can people help out?

NA: Xmonad, because it's a good open-source project not only for experienced programmers, but beginners can also take part in it and learn something. Its creator provides full support for ones who want to learn. Where do you see the state of functional programming in 10 years?

NA: I wish I could know! I'm not sure if I'm a right person to predict such things. However, I see that functional programming gains popularity worldwide my guess is that functional programming would not only by associated with academia (at least in my country;)) If functional programming were a superhero, what superpower would it have?

NA: For some reasons I have always associated functional programming with tough and strong heroes like Captain Marvel or Gladiator, so super strength is definitely FP superpower.

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